Mantra Therapy Events are where Eastern wisdom meets Western grooves, and where ancient guides meet contemporary vibes!
Experience healing, uplifting Mantras, Music, Meditation, Motivation, Mingling & more, in one powerful, blissful night!
An exquisite, soothing, vibrant lounge atmosphere provides the backdrop for an unforgettable, refreshingly different experience.

Mantras, Music, Meditation, Motivation, Mingling & More!

An evening which blends the meditative, spiritual vibes of a kirtan/yoga satsang, with the chilled out grooves of a Manhattan jazz club, fused with flavours of RnB, Soul, Blues, Classical Indian and more, interspersed with empowering, motivational key-note talks and refreshingly relaxed networking with down to earth people from near and far!
• Chilled-out LIVE mellow, groovy mantra meditative melodic vibes to uplift you.
• Guided meditation, Wisdom, Relaxation & Motivational Straight Talk to inspire you.
• Networking with Like-Minded souls, with Soulful Snacks to nourish you.
So take a break from the rat race, and come join us for a slice of deep relaxation, inspiration and transcendental elevation!
Check below for our upcoming events, and the Gallery for a peek at what it’s all about!

The Mantra Therapy Wellness Day Retreat

The Mantra Therapy Diwali Special 2017

The Mantra Therapy Experience - July 2017

The Tuscany Mind Body Soul Retreat 2017

The Mantra Therapy Experience - July 2017

Mantra Therapy 7th Anniversary Special 2017

Mantra Therapy April 2017

Mantra Therapy Nov 2016 Flyer - Reduced
Mantra Therapy July 2016
Mantra Therapy Experience May 2016

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