“Dear Mantra Therapy Team,
I attended the Mantra Therapy Dec 2016 event for the first time and found it truly magical. I enjoyed the wisdom, meditation, music, love and food. Thank you for providing a special, uplifting and memorable evening.
I am interested in joining the trip to Wales in March 2017. Please inform me how I can book my place.”


“My first Retreat to Buckland Hall in Wales in 2015 was a huge eye-opener for me, about the importance of taking time out from busy corporate life, to feed myself good things for my mind and spirit. My second Retreat – the Mantra Therapy Retreat to Spain – also in 2015 – was a game-changer in many ways, because it’s helped me in both my professional and personal life in ways that I cannot count! Thanks so much for running these special Retreats! Please, please, please – keep them up – and look forward to joining you for more in 2017!”


“Just wanted to say – the Feb 2017 Mantra Therapy event in was absolutely amazing!! Loved every second of it. After an extremely tough week, it de-stressed me completely and I walked out feeling in a kind of clean and purified state of mind. So thank you so much!


“Super break! Learned loads! Special thanks for the yoga and meditation. Headspace de-cluttered! Lovely meeting all the new people. Great company, great chat, great food, great chill-out! Feeling gratitude towards my family and new friends!”


“….Had an incredible Retreat and meeting all of you lovely special souls…I’m having withdrawal symptoms already 😉 ! Roll on Mallorca Retreat!”


“…Thought my first Mantra Therapy Retreat (to Spain) was mind-blowing, but this second one was off the charts! Thanks for helping me to become a better, more evolved person!”


“….Thank you everyone for a lovely weekend Retreat. I feel as though I have connected with so many wonderful souls and been inspired in so many way. Can’t wait for the next one!”


“….I have to say I had a fantastic time at my first ever Retreat, and it was great to meet everyone. Thanks for all your hard work and organising”


“…My second Mantra Therapy Retreat – and benefited so much, once again….gratitude for organising an amazing Retreat again, enabling me to feel energised, rejuvenated and spiritual. Time really flies when you’re participating in many new and refreshing activities. Meeting with new people and re-engaging with existing friends was great.”


“…Thank you Prash for persuading me to go on the Retreat! I didn’t know what to expect from a Retreat, but I can’t believe how full of nice people, positive energy, amazing singers and many wonderful relaxation classes it was. Thanks for organising, and look forward to the Tuscany Retreat!”


“Both the Retreats to Italy and Spain were absolutely fabulous. From the included activities such as yoga, to the mouth watering meals, the entire experience left me recharged and revamped!  It was expertly organised….came back with lifelong friendships and memories. I heartily recommend the Retreats – incredible value, as you get so much more than just a holiday”


“These Mantra Therapy Retreats are the perfect balance of spiritual activities; addressing the true essence of yoga. You can easily attend on your own and make amazing friends along the way. I’ve been twice and look forward to going again, as I’ve made great frinds and experienced some incredible spiritual awakenings. Big thanks to Prash for organising such marvelous Retreats.”


“…Loved the Spain Mantra Therapy Retreat! My first one – and never imagined it to be this much fun! Feel so grateful to have met so many new, similar minded, and down to earth people.”


“…It was lovely to meet you all. Fantastic Retreat! …Best wishes for your life’s journey and spiritual development”


“…the Retreats in Tuscany and then Buckland Hall …the most memorable ever; the experiences will live with me forever”


“…Blown away by your Retreat to Glastonbury – my first ever. As a corporate and business leadership coach, I rarely get quality time away, where I can both relax and grow internally, emotionally and spiritually – all in one weekend. This Retreat did all three for me. Thanks for making me feel so welcome – can’t recommend these Retreats enough. Look forward to future ones.”


“…I attended the Christmas special which was awesome! Please book me a space for the 2017 events in London!”