Alex’s Urban Spiritual Mind Body Soul Summer Wellness Retreat – Hungary




Join us for an unforgettable adventure to the heart of Hungary for a gently immersive 4 day Mind, Body, Soul experience based at a luxury Retreat Spa Resort at the edge of a unique 100 acre spiritual ashram estate nestled in an eco valley, modelled on North Indian architecture and and surrounded by acres of pristine countryside, close to one of the largest lakes in Europe! (Yep – we did say this place is epic!)

INCLUDES all scheduled activities, workshops, meals and accommodation – AND – importantly – the transfers for the beautiful scenic ride from the Airport to the Resort! (You only pay for your flights and any additional excursion related sundries)


Highlights of this exclusive 3 Night/4 Day Retreat will include:

4 Days stay at a unique luxury spiritual resort spa, with en suite self contained apartments/rooms, and access to Spa treatments, Relaxation lounge, yoga studio, swimming pool, jacuzzi and more.

A superb balance of scheduled activities including yoga, meditation, epic mantra music sessions, insightful workshops and scenic hiking, as well as cherished down time - in the lushly scenic green surrounds, by the pool, or in the nearby majestic spiritual sanctuary, regarded as a national tourism destination!

A special excursion to famous Lake Balaton - the largest lake in Central Europe, with its beaches, volcanic hills and surrounding resort towns nestled in centuries of history.

A wonderful half day of tourism in magical Budapest.

Great like-minded company to support and uplift you.

Unforgettable experiences and input to your success.

Turbo Boost your 2019 Goals

Master your Habits

Detox from Technology and Social Media

Kick-start your Health

Retreat Investment:

This magical getaway is yours for an investment of just £499 as an Early Bird Special Offer**! (Full Price = £599)

** “Double Trouble” Additional Discount if there are 2 of you! Bring a friend and you both come for £475 Each!

Note: **To secure the Early Bird price, simply make your investment by 30th June 2019.

As you can imagine, spaces are already filling up, as price pretty much includes most things (other than flights and local car hire) – so this is, once again – pretty much the best value, yet wholesomely balanced Retreat currently out there, made doubly special by getting personal time and coaching from Alex and his sought after Team!

For Booking & Info, Contact us at:

07769 650056
0207 112 9211


Date And Time

Tue, 17 Sep 2019, 15:00 –

Sat, 21 Sep 2019, 13:00 CEST






Refund Policy

No Refunds

About Me - ALEX REID

Having been completely emotionally spiritually financially and physically denigrated for nearly a decade by a very stigmatised judgmental society, purposely targeted by a ruthless media, I talk 1st hand with extreme considered painful and practical experience.

I’ve learnt how to come through the hard times that have sadly caused me to loose many friends in our society, understanding the pressures and hidden stress modern man has to endure.

Let me show, you how to build a pressure valve, an attitude of rolling with the punches, that can keep you smiling when the chips are down, and gear yourself towards thriving, not just surving.

I’ll use super simple basic martial arts, combined with some fun yoga type moves, whilst inspiring and engaging the inner child we all have inside us, making training with me a big fun game

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