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Do you suffer from anxiety and dread social situations?

Is your life filled with doubt and dread?

Are your thoughts intrusive and you cannot seem to quieten the mind?

Are you always thinking the worst?

Finding a Partner/Love

Are you struggling to meet a special someone?

You are meeting people but find you cannot move forward in your relationship?

You attract the very opposite of what you are looking for?



Wealth and Abundance

Would you like to learn how to attract more wealth and abundance in your life?

Would you like to remove the limiting subconscious patterns you have picked up from your childhood?

Would you like to manifest a life of ease and doing what you love?

Learn the mechanics of how the law of attraction works?


Lack of Confidence/Self Love

Do you lack self-belief?

Do you believe you are not good enough?

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

Are you always critising yourself?

Are you a people pleaser?

Do you find it difficult to say no?


Recovery from a Major Illness

Have you been diagnosed with a major illness?

Are you on the road to recovery but need support to recover and mantain wellness?

Do you want to look after your body, mind and spirit?

Emotional Overload

Do you get overwhelmed from a particular emotion?

Do you find it difficult to control your anger?

Do you find it difficult to handle some emotions?

Are you finding it hard to move forward from a past situation?

Lack Purpose/Fulfillment

Do you feel like you are lacking purpose?

Do you feel like you are living life mechnically like a Robot?

Are you not fulfilled even though you are a success to the outside world?


Removing Negativity

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut?

That you are surrounded by negativity, people, spaces and situations?

That nothing is going your way?

Would you like to learn to be more positive?

Learn how to set healthy boundaries around you?

How to protect your energy from those who drain you?





If you are finding that you are not happy in certain areas of your life, we can examine this and tailor a roadmap for your specific block. Between us, we have combined the experience of 40 years in the filed of spirituality and self development. we have helped thousands of people get the best our of the lives. .

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