4 Days to a Fresh Start:
Detox, Transform, Recharge, Reconnect!

The Mantra Therapy / Urban Spirituality Mind Body Soul Summer Wellness Retreat

Pricing Offers & Options

Join us for an unforgettable adventure to the heart of Hungary for a gently immersive 4 day Mind, Body, Soul experience.

What's Included & In Store for You!

Relaxation, Restoration, Rejuvenation
⦁ Hatha & Bhakti Yoga
⦁ Meditation & Mindfulness
⦁ Scenic Hiking & Fitness Fun
⦁ Mantra Therapy – Live Music Immersion!
⦁ Personal Transformation Workshops
⦁ Tasty, Healthy Gourmet Cuisine!
⦁ Excursion to Magnificent Lake Balaton
⦁ Magical Budapest Experience
⦁ Beautiful Accommodation 
⦁ Pristine Natural Surroundings
⦁ Great Company + Time for Yourself!

Turbo Boost Your Goals

Kick-start your Health

Shed Unwanted Baggage

Unwind & recover

Discover proven tools & strategies to bring out the best in yourself

Detox from Technology and Social Media

Master your Habits

Pricing Offers & Options

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