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Have you ever thought about how energy and healing works? Would you like to help your family with the ability to heal? Are you considering a career as a healer? Or you want to give back and help people?

Certification 1
Step 1

In the first step we teach you how to heal yourself. How to really treat yourself with loving kindness and grace. As healers we do it so to serve others but true service is to start with ourselves.  We are our own guru.  When we clear and balance the chakras we are able to receive pure divine energy to help us and help our clients/family/friends. Reiki has so many benefits beyond the physical body, it helps to raise ones vibration and has many side benefits. Such as life reflection, getting rid of blocks, understanding your spiritual journey, how to use energy (prana) in the most positive way for a happy and successful life what ever your purpose may be.

Reiki I content

  • The history of Reiki
  • The principles of Reiki
  • The lineage of Reiki, of which we teach DR Usui
  • The basics of chakras and how they play a part in reiki healing
  • A brief introduction to the seven energy bodies
  • How to ground and protect yourself.
  • How to close yourself down
  • The 21 hand positions
  • Teach you how to utilise the 21 hand positions
  • You get to practice Reiki on yourself and fellow attendees

After 21 days of self practice you will receive a Reiki I certification

Certification 2

In this module you will learn to heal water, plants and other objects as well as situations. The world of Reiki has endless possibilities, this level starts to open you up to these.  It paves the way to understand how energy works and how to impact other peoples lives.Congratulations!!  You have completed Reiki i, it takes commitment and persistence to get to the next level. Healing yourself is facing yourself. It can be a journey to unearth some of the things that you may have been hiding yourself from.  We all do this. There are traumas and emotions we rather not face as when we were young we didn’t not possess the tools as we have got older we have found ways to distract ourselves.

This step is exciting as it takes you to the next level, it teaches you distance Reiki, moves you from touch to be able to transmit to people things and places distantly. So you don’t have to be in the same room, city, country or continent.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Distant Symbol – build a bridge between you and the person or object that you are healing.

Sei Hei Ki – This symbol is known as the mental and emotional symbol, this heals problems in your aura on a mental and emotion level

Cho Ku Rei – The Power Symbol this is used to increase the power of Reiki as well as protection.

Certification 3
This is the step that takes you to Reiki Master level. At this level you have to have total commitment to use Reiki as part of your life mission and help others. This is the point where you learn the master symbol which opens you up to your spiritual self. This level takes you back to your true essence of appreciating oneness with the universe. To know that we are inter-connected and part of divinity.

Life Changing

Once you take the first step, your life will never be the same! You will open yourself to a magical life with an understanding of energy and how it shapes every aspect of our lives.

reiki by sneha ramji

We look after you as an individual, we get to know you as an individual and mentor to you through your journey with us. We can be with you every step of the way so you are set up on your life path or we can be hands off and provide you with the tools you need. It’s a bespoke service, we will tailor it according to your needs.

We have had so many people experience the joy of Reiki, we ourselves are experienced Reiki masters and have had to learn and heal ourselves and continue to heal.  We understand what it is to be in your shoes. Our programs are out together to ensure you get the most of your time with us and continue getting the best as you continue on your path. We are here to plant the seeds and nurture them to fruition and hold you hand as much as you require.  We understand that everyone is an individual and we all have a different way of learning and assimilating information.  We use our intuitive sense to teach you the way you will receive the information,  we have a syllabus but on the day it may be added upon depending on the energy the frequency of the group.  Everyone will receive what they need on that particular day.  Our success is based  on practicing what we preach, we teach with our ability to tune into peoples vibrations and frequencies.

what is reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.

Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years. Reiki was discovered by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in the Mid 1800s. All matter is made from energy; therefore, ultimately we as humans and the entire planet, are energy. Reiki is a system of tapping into this universal source.The “healer” is a conduit who channels this energy into the recipient.

The energy has an intelligence which allows it to penetrate the area with the greatest requirement, working alongside a person’s innate ability to self heal. Reiki is powerful healing method which helps the client to re-balance their chakras.

what is Reiki used for?

What is Reiki used for?

Reiki has many uses but in principle it directs energy to parts of the body that require it the most. In Reiki principles, it is believed that diseases are manifestations of imbalances in your chakra system (a description of which is found in chakras). Reiki can help to get the energy back in balance.

 could I do it?

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves and others. We do it regularly in intention and prayers. If you are a particularly sensitive person and you sense energy then you may want to think about becoming a reiki healer. Reiki can be life changing.I started the reiki journey 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. I can categorically say it changed my life for the better.


Really recommend Sneha for those of you searching for a Reiki teacher, I had the pleasure of learning Reiki Level 3 with Sneha this weekend just gone, she is absolutely amazing, she sincerely teaches from the heart. She ensures that as a practitioner you understand how to approach and apply to clients, learning the course with Sneha is so much more than just learning how to heal but more of being able to find a style of healing that works for you as a healer and your clients. Sneha is individual in her teaching and really ensures that you walk away feeling happy and comfortable when you are healing others. You have no need to look any further, join Sneha on this journey you’ll never look back!
Ravina London

For anyone interested in learning and/or receiving Reiki, I highly recommend Sneha Ramji and her Reiki courses! She explains everything very clearly and she’s open, dedicated and passionate. Also, there’s a good balance of learning theory and doing practical work in her courses. The theory taught by her features very useful details that you can apply every day. You’ll get to practise what you learn through group exercises. I’ve done her courses from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Master Level 3. I feel that the investment is definitely worth it! Learning from Sneha and practising Reiki has been very rewarding and transformative for me. It has made me a better healer and I’m ready to heal others too now
Uttara Joshi

I highly recommend Sneha Ramji for Reiki training. I did Reiki Level 1 course a couple of months ago with Sneha and I’m so glad I did. Its such a wonderful, fun and informative class and I have had an amazing journey and experience in self healing! If you are thinking of learning a life changing skill like Reiki together with developing an understanding of healing energy from a spiritual perspective then I’d highly recommend booking a course with lovely Sneha
Veena London

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Sunday 16th June 10:30 – 17:30 North Harrow Community Library

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About Us

Sneha Ramji has 20+ years of corporate experience at organisations including the BBC, ITV, NBC and others, Sneha Ramji has since transitioned to follow her passion and life purpose as a full time Spiritual Coach, Healer, Mentor and Meditation Teacher. Her background in corporate helps her to understand the pressures of modern day living. She understands that people are time poor and demand heavy, in today’s stressful, over connected world. She specializes in bringing peace, balance and clarity into people’s lives, through her coaching on reconnection with one’s inner being and re-establishing their authentic essence.

She harnesses her corporate experience, coupled with her uniquely accessible, easy-to-open-up, insightful nature to bring about powerful inner healing and effective, practical results in the mental, physical and spiritual layers of her clients.
She has now been teaching and healing for the last ten years and has taught meditation to corporate clients including HSBC. She undertook her training at the world-famous College of Psychic Studies, and has since gone on to study Reiki, Chakra balancing, Mediumship, Spiritual Coaching and Crystal Healing extensively.

In addition, she has completed courses in Psychic Development with the respected Mysteries of London, along the way picking up the ancient art of healing from an Indian Grand Master whose lineage can be traced all the way to the founder of Reiki. Naturally empathetic and compassionate, Sneha is adept at connecting with people on a deep level. She is a skilled listener who is highly effective at getting to the root of people’s problems, and having faced many challenges in her own life, she draws from personal experience in the advice that she offers as a spiritual life coach.


When you make the decision to join our family or Reiki Healers, you will receive a beautiful reiki booklet, you will be added to our facebook reiki tribe page where you will receive support from other students and masters.  You will receive ongoing whats app support as well as have access to our free spiritual groups. You will be invited to regular reiki share meetups.  You will receive experience from Reiki Master Sneha Ramji who’s Reiki journey began 10 years ago but also all of the previous attendees who have now go on to open up their own healing practices. Once you take that step you won’t look back. Feel free to call for a free no obligation chat and open up a new way of being! 


These are some of the common questions we get asked

Can I learn reiki i if I have never done any healing?
Yes, everyone has an inate ability to heal. If you cut yourself your body’s mechanics will kick in order to heal the cut. As a healer all you are doing is facilitating the persons healing ability. You are just a conduit for the universal energy. Your intention and process helps the energy to be channelled into the person to do its own healing.
What is reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.

Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years. Reiki was discovered by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in the Mid 1800s. All matter is made from energy; therefore, ultimately we as humans and the entire planet, are energy. Reiki is a system of tapping into this universal source. The “healer” is a conduit who channels this energy into the recipient

can you do harm with reiki?
No, the worse that can happen is that the person does not heal. If the person is not open to it then this could happen. Reiki is a very pure and powerful modality and has nothing to do with the dark arts. It’s energy channelled from source.
Is reiki linked to a particular religion?
No, although spiritual in nature. It is not linked to any religion.
what the difference between chakra balancing and reiki?
Reiki is used to balancing the chakra. It is a modality of healing used to balance the chakras.
can you cure disease or mental illness with reiki?
Reiki can certainly help with the symptoms of many conditions. However its a complimentary therapy and not a replacement for medical or psychotherapy treatment.

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